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The future is now.

Submission Guidelines: READ FIRST

-----Contribute ORIGINAL DIGITAL AVIATION ART to the appropriate Gallery Folder at RIGHT underneath the Featured Galleries.*-----Digital AVIATION Art stills only! TRADITIONAL and NON-aviation art will be REMOVED-, except for WIP folders where ideas may still be on paper.
NOTE: If a default folder pops up you don't want, try closing it and opening the proper one for submission.

* -----Digital Aviation Artists reserves the right to remove and move submissions.
-----PAINTINGS galleries: works painted by hand from scratch on an empty canvas, and NOT from transformed, manipulated or edited existing media. A painted subject such as aircraft over photo, 3D render, though not preferable, is acceptable as matte painting.
-----SCREEN CAP gallery - direct screen capture of any flight simulator.
-----Developing SCREEN CAPTURE into art is PHOTO MANIPULATION, MIXED MEDIA, and rights must be granted for photo/image/3D model used. If copyrights are found to be abused, DAA will remove and report to DA staff.
-----HISTORIC SCENES & AIRCRAFT folder: adequate and informative text describing the image should accompany the painting, model, photo, etc. or scene.
-----Submissions to the MAIN, and * SONIC FEATURED GALLERIES are made at the discretion of DAA only. Expectations are high for artistic expression, quality, impression, and attention to detail.
-----* SONIC
folders: 3D media: SUPERSONIC folder is for the artist who uses another's model, with permission or purchased copyright. HYPERSONIC is for the artist who built his own model in 3D from scratch. Photo Manipulation, Mixed Media and Screen Capture art will be included in Featured Photo Based Art SUBSONIC.
Two news items here at Digital Aviation Art(ist)s:

First, we are at nearly 25,000 pageviews and 500 watchers.

Secondly, the Featured gallery names have been changed: Supersonic 3D Models is now Hypersonic 3D Models. Subsonic 3D Renders is now Supersonic 3D Renders. Supersonic Digital Paintings is now Transonic Digital Paintings. Supersonic Digital Photography is now Subsonic Digital Photography.
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DDmurasame Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D<Thanks for accept!
Hello Everyone konnichiwa! I take a photo of Japan Self-Defense Forces.
Thank you so much for the request :D
Stealthflanker May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May i suggest to have another folder for Rotary wings (Helicopters, gyrodynes, compound aircrafts) ?

I think aviation art wouldn't be as "complete" as it is without it, especially the later (Compound aircrafts/compound helicopter) Which i expect..would be the future of rotary wings :D
We've considered that, but our categories are more based on media than aircraft types. It would then be necessary to create two 3D galleries, a photography, and a painted gallery for the copters. That's just too much for us.
Stealthflanker May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh i see.

Then i'll put my helos and compounds in the subsonic gallery.

thanks for the heads up.
Hello! This is an open contest offer in celebration of my page reaching 10K views, something I thought would never happen. I'm looking for artists interested in depicting character artwork, or mechanical works (fighters, starships, mecha). Please review the link here for the entry requirements and the prizes:


Thank you for your time!

-Dustin (Shoguneagle)
memod Feb 12, 2013  Professional
Heya, thanks for the plug :D I appreciate the support, guys =]

Topaz172 Jan 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm looking for photoshop shapes or brushes for depicting military aircraft style 'fuel warnings' and 'stand clear' markings anyone seen anything like that?
The Cessna was added to the wrong gallery. My mistake >.<
Vi2DoubleYu Sep 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for Featuring my work : "F35 Joint Strike Fighter - Dogfight" artwork on [link] , to your group category, hope all your member will like it.


:devart: vi2doubleyu :devart:
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